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Atomic Search 3.6 Release Notes

3.6 Beta 24 May 2021; Prod: 1 June 2021


  • Account Analytics - Added account level analytics to Atomic Search. Accessing the Atomic Search page in an account will show a new menu option “Account Analytics” in the upper right three dot menu. The results of the analytics are scoped to the account that you are launched in. These analytics are only available to Canvas admins.
    • Analytics Table - Added a table that shows data for the past twelve months with the number of courses using Search, the number of unique users, and the number of teacher and student searches. This table can be sorted for each month of data.
    • Analytics Graphs - Added three graphs showing the unique users, courses, and number of searches over the last twelve months. These graphs are displayed at the top of the Account Analytics page. 
    • Searches by Course - Added a link in the upper right of the analytics page named “Searches by Course”. This link will take you to a table breaking down the search counts by each course name and the last twelve months of data. This table is sortable by month or course name and is paginated when there are more than ten courses to display. Clicking on the course name will open that course in a new tab. If you would like to enable course level analytics, please file a ticket in the support portal for more information.

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