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Atomic Assessments 3.25 Hotpatch Release Notes

3.25.4 Hotpatch Prod: 2 July 2021


  • Added the ability to set custom labels globally - We have added the ability to apply custom labels globally for Atomic Assessments. Previously, you had to apply these labels to each activity source you wanted the label in. Anything set in the activity source will override the global setting. If you would like a custom label set for all of your activities please file a ticket in the support portal with your request. 


  • Custom labels for the player were not getting applied - After the last production release, custom labels configured in the player details or in the activity source were not getting applied to the activities.

  • Items used as a start screen for activities were allowed to be archived - When a custom start screen item was set for an activity, you were allowed to archive that item in the Item Bank. This would cause the activity to crash with a blank screen when editing, and you could not delete the activity.

  • Server-side grading for dynamic questions was not working after a Learnosity update - Learnosity released an update on May 12th that caused a regression where server-side graded dynamic questions were not being scored correctly. Learnosity released a fix for the regression issue on June 24th. If you think an assignment may have been affected by this regression, please re-calculate the scores for the assignment to fix the scoring.

  • Cleanup Item Bank failed to complete when a start screen item was archived in the course - An error would occur when using the Cleanup Item Bank feature in a course where you have also archived a start screen item.

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