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Atomic Assessments 3.26 Release Notes

3.26 - Beta: 11 August 2021; Prod: 23 August 2021


  • Updated to Learnosity 2021.2.LTS - This release includes an update to version 2021.2.LTS of Learnosity. This Learnosity update provides new features and bug fixes. More information can be found here.

  • Allow ‘Enter’ to create a new assignment - You can now hit the ‘Enter’ key to create a new assignment in addition to clicking the Create Assignment button.

  • Sort assignments by descending ‘Created At’ date - The sort for ‘Created At’ will sort the assignments by descending order on the first sort click.

  • Download activities list is sorted alphabetically - The activity list for Download Activities now is sorted alphabetically.

  • Added Import Status for Canvas imports - Under the Atomic Assessments settings gear there is a new menu option “Import Status”. This page will show you the status of all imports done through Canvas that included Atomic Assessments content. This page displays information about what course the import came from, the date and time of the import, and the current import status. Additional information on the number of assignments copied or import progress can be found under the Details link next to each import.

  • Changed “Distractor” to “Response Feedback”- Under the More Options > Extras section for questions the Distractor field has been re-named to Response Feedback.

  • Combined the two menus in the main assignment list - We have combined the settings gear menu and the three dot menu that display in the Atomic Assessments assignment list. The settings that were in the settings gear menu are now located in the three dot menu to the right of the "New Assignment" button.

  • Allow searching by item reference in an assignment - You can now search for items by item reference under the Find Items section in an assignment. 

  • Tag searching improvements - We have made some improvements to how you can search for tagged items and activities. Tags can now be searched by either tag type or tag. Including a colon in the tag search will include all matches found in the course, anything before the colon will find all tag type matches and anything after the colon will match all relevant tags. If there is an exact match for a tag then that tag will move to the top of the tag autocomplete list.

  • Added student facing outcomes reporting - We have added an option to display an outcome style report to students during their assignment review. When the item bank and assignment has been configured for this report, a new assignment setting will display to toggle whether the report displays to students or not. This report will also display to teachers in the speedgrader. This report will show the Level 1 or 2 outcome percentage for each item tagged with those tags. If you would like to configure this additional report, please file a ticket in the support portal with your request.


  • Navigating to a section or page break in the item list would cause an error - When you navigated to a section or page break between items in the assignment item list an error would appear. Section and page breaks are no longer considered an item in the list and will be skipped during navigation between items.

  • Item navigation was missing the total number of items - The item navigation display was not displaying the total number of items in an assignment.

  • Number line question was not showing the correct answer after the question attempts were exhausted - After exhausting the attempts for a number line question the correct answer would not appear when configured to.

  • The tag autocomplete list would not appear consistently and sometimes failed to find matches - When searching for items using tags, clicking outside the tag autocomplete list would cause the list to disappear and ignore what you typed or it would stop trying to find matches. 

  • The median attempts column in the item stats report was always displaying zero - The median check answer attempts column in the Item Stats report would only show zero instead of updating with the correct data.

  • Language update to the warning that displays to instructors in the item list - We updated the language of the warning that displays when editing items after student submissions have occurred. "Warning: Students have already began/finished attempts on this activity." has been changed to "Warning: Students have already attempted this activity." 

  • The number arrow fields were not fully clickable in Firefox - The click space for number up/down arrows in the speedgrader and assignment settings were not fully clickable in Firefox. 

  • The minimum score points were showing for unattempted questions in the speedgrader - In the speedgrader view, the question score field was showing the minimum score if attempted value when a question was not attempted. This did not affect any scoring and was a display issue.

  • Tag autocomplete was caching the results - The tag autocomplete would cache the tag results until a page reload. If a new tag was added after adding tags to an item then the new tag would not appear in the autocomplete.

  • Drag and drop questions would require you to hit the submit button twice on the second question attempt - Drag and drop questions required the student to click the Submit button twice on their second attempt of the question when they got the first attempt wrong. 

  • A final score message would show to students on a second attempt for ungraded assignments - Ungraded, embedded assignments, configured for multiple attempts and no scoring feedback would show a “Final Score 0%” message to the student after the student had taken the assignment more than once. 

  • Audio recorder questions sometimes stopped recording unintentionally - Sometimes when students were recording a response to an audio recording question their recording would stop after a few seconds. This was caused by our auto-save process cutting off the recording. We are now detecting if an audio recording is in progress and waiting to auto save until the recording has been stopped by the student.

  • Clicking back and forth between questions in the Responses report would sometimes cause the stems to combine - In the Responses Report, when you had questions that contained rendered LaTeX in the question stems, clicking back and forth between questions would cause the question stems to combine and compound with every click between the questions.

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