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Delete writing prompts

Writing prompts are inserted inside of your LMS content and data related to the activity are stored in our database. In order to fully delete a writing activity, it needs to be deleted in both places.

To delete a writing activity from the database

  1. Navigate to the activity in your LMS content.

  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the activity.

  3. The Course Settings dialog will open.

  4. Click the Activities button on the bottom left of the dialog.

  5. Select the activity you wish to delete from the Select an activity dropdown.

  6. You’ll be shown the prompt for the activity along with the number of student responses the activity has. This information is given to help you confirm that you are deleting the correct activity.

  7. Once you have the correct activity selected, click the Delete button.

  8. You’ll be shown another window where you’ll be asked to confirm that you do want to delete the activity.

  9. Click the Delete button.

Now that the activity is deleted from the database, you also need to remove the activity HTML from your LMS content.

To remove the activity HTML

  1. Edit the content the activity was added to.

  2. Switch to the HTML editor.

  3. Delete the activity HTML.

    1. You’re looking for an iframe element with a “title="Atomic Journals" “ attribute.

    2. Delete everything starting with “<iframe …” up to and including “</iframe>”.

    3. The “<iframe>” may also be inside a “<p>...</p>” element which you probably also want to delete.

As mentioned before, the writing activity needs to be removed in both of the ways described above. If you only remove the writing prompt HTML, the writing activity will still be in the application database, and it will continue to show up in reports and other views such as the student Show All view. If you don’t delete the activity HTML, the activity will still attempt to load when you view the content it’s in, but it will display an error message because it no longer exists in the database.

If you have enabled grading for the course and configured the grading settings to create an individual gradebook entry for each writing activity, an assignment will have been created for the activity and you may wish to delete that assignment as well.

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