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View student journal entries

If the journal entry visibility settings are set to Anonymous or Teachers, teachers and course authors will be able to view student journal entries.

To view student journal entries:

  1. Navigate to the writing activity in your LMS content.

  2. Click on the reports icon in the top right corner of the application.

  3. You’ll be shown a list of students in the course.

  4. Click on a student name and you can view their journal entry for the current activity.

  5. Back on the main reports page, you can click the Show reports for entire course checkbox and you’ll be shown entries for all of the writing activities in the course.

If journal entry visibility is set to Anonymous, you’ll be able to view student journal entries, but the student names will be anonymized.

When viewing journal entries, buttons to the left and right of the student name allow you to navigate back and forth between students without going back to the main reports page.

Along with viewing journal entries, the main reports page includes a column showing word counts for each student. The word count column shows word counts for the current activity you’re interacting with or word counts for all activities in the course depending on whether or not you have Show reports for entire course enabled. Word count data is available no matter what the journal entry visibility for the course is set to.

The reports page also includes the ability to search for specific users.

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