Atomic Jolt

Atomic Search 4.1 Release Notes

4.1 Beta 29 September 2021; Prod: 13 October 2021


  • Add support for searching link URLS - Whenever we parse a page, file, assignment description, or any other rich content descriptions and we find a URL, we now index those URLs so they can be searched. Search for a URL by typing “url:” before the URL snippet in your search term (url: * You can now search for the following types of URLs:

    • iframe SRC attribute

    • image SRC attribute

    • a HREF attribute

    • an assignment LTI launch URL

    • a module item LTI launch URL

    • module item that is an external URL

  • Download CSV containing search results - We added the ability to download a CSV of the first 5000 items of search results. You can download results by clicking the Save search results menu option in the triple dot menu in the upper right of the search results page. The CSV contains the item title, result URL, result snippet, item type, course name, course ID, term, and last updated timestamp.

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