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Atomic Assessments 4.0 Hotpatch Release Notes

4.0 Hotpatches - Prod: 19 January 2022


  • Allow manual grading of any attempt when the score to keep is set to “Highest” - We now allow the ability to grade and provide feedback for any attempt when an assignment is configured to keep the highest score. Previously, only the current highest score could be graded. To grade another attempt, select a different attempt in the attempt dropdown in the SpeedGrader. This may result in a different attempt becoming the highest scoring attempt.


  • Error in the attempt log for attempts that were not auto submitted to the gradebook - Student attempts had a “Failed to write grade to LMS” error in the attempt log for assignments that were configured to not auto submit scores to the gradebook. 

  • Player template selection was not displaying the correct player selection by default - Atomic Assessments uses the “Default” player option, but the player selection interface was showing that the “Standard” player was selected by default. We now correctly show that the “Default” player is selected by default and switching between the player templates will update the interface correctly.

  • Fixed styling for response feedback and the hint button - The styling was incorrect for the response feedback and the hint buttons. These styles were updated to reflect our current designs.

  • Imports failed when copying an activity with an archived intro item - Copying an activity with an archived intro item would cause the import to fail in the target course.

  • The “Submit” button could not be clicked when using the player review screen - Students could not click the Submit button after clicking on the Review button to complete a section. 

  • The iframe would shrink when you clicked on the accessibility button in the player on an embedded assignment - Clicking on the accessibility button in the player within embedded assignments would cause the iframe to shrink and become unusable until the page was refreshed. 

  • Sometimes a new user couldn’t launch Atomic Assessments - In some instances, a new user that accessed Atomic Assessments would receive an error when trying to access the tool. This was inconsistent and sometimes only happened in some assignments in a course and not other assignments. 

  • The latest attempt could not be graded in assignments with manually graded questions - Assignments that contained manual scored questions would only grade the first attempt and you could not grade the latest attempt when the score to keep was set to "Latest".

  • Points possible information was not displayed for unattempted questions when it should during review - Assignments that had the feedback timing set to display points possible “when student can no longer answer” would not show the points possible for questions that weren’t answered.

  • Sometimes, if a student changed a response in the last few seconds before submission, those changes weren’t saved - Occasionally, if a student changed one of their responses in the last few seconds of a submission those changes were overwritten by the last automatic save of an assignment. We changed this behavior to save when a student navigates away from an assignment and at submission time, to prevent lost changes. 

  • Sometimes assignments that were slow to complete grading would cause the attempt to be submitted twice, causing inaccurate scoring reflections - After submission and while waiting for grading we had a fail safe which resubmitted the scores if no grade was retrieved in 10 seconds. Some large assignments take longer than 10 seconds to grade, and this resulted in duplicate submissions and redundant grading. This fail safe was a hold-over from an early version of AA, and we have disabled it.

  • Students would sometimes see an inaccurate time remaining if an instructor changed the close date close to the original close time - If the close date for an assignment was changed after students had already loaded an assignment with a time limit this sometimes caused an inaccurate display of time remaining for the students. 

  • IP Restrictions not working on production - IP restrictions were not proxying correctly with Atomic Assessments because of a recent change Cloudflare made to their API. We have updated our code to work with Cloudflare's update.

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