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Escalation Plan for Outages

This plan outlines the procedures for reporting an outage as an Atomic Jolt customer and for escalating issues internally at Atomic Jolt.

Automatic monitoring and notifications


  • HTTP Level Monitoring - We have an external monitoring system (Uptime Robot) so that our on-call DevOps engineer will be contacted when the system goes down.
  • Pro-actively monitoring configuration - We verify that our monitoring is configured correctly by not disabling it when we patch the operating systems on our servers each month, which should trigger an alert to provide evidence if it is not configured correctly.

Client Notification of Outage

  • Status page - We will provide you links to Uptime Robot status pages that you can use to verify the status of our systems. If we believe that an outage is going to take longer than 30 minutes to resolve, we will post a notice to the status page explaining what we know about the issue and when we anticipate being able to resolve it.
  • Automatic client notification - Uptime Robot status pages allow you to subscribe to be automatically notified when our DevOps engineers post notifications to the status page.

Filing an Outage Support ticket

Customers can report an outage by filing a ticket in the Atomic Jolt Support portal.

  • Support Engineer Notification of Support Tickets - File a new ticket as a CRITICAL ticket type along with the product (Atomic Apps, Canvas Hosting, Custom Development, etc.) when reporting outages as well as any information helpful for determining the cause of the issue (urls, errors, screenshots). Once the ticket is submitted it will be re-directed and immediately notify the on-call Dev Ops Engineer. Please ensure that your staff do not file CRITICAL tickets unless the system is down.
  • Acknowledgement Email - We email the person who created the ticket to acknowledge that the Dev Ops Engineer has received the notification. The email will include the relevant status pages to check for updates on the outage and include a phone number to call if you don’t see an update on the status page within 30 minutes of your report. This email is sent before the engineers begin working on the issue.
  • Phone escalation - We have a phone number listed on the email notification after filing a CRITICAL support ticket where you can reach someone after hours so that if none of the other support channels are working, you can escalate further. Please only call this number if you don’t see an update on the status page within 30 minutes of your report.

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