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Question type accessibility

The Learnosity team constantly works on staying up to date and optimizing accessibility for all question types. For more information about the accessibility features of these questions please see this article on the Learnosity help site.

These areas of accessibility are the primary focus

  1. Color contrast designed for color-blind and low vision users.
  2. Keyboard usability for accessible input and navigation.
  3. Screen reader support for the leading tools on each platform.
    • Browser extensions TextHelp and ReadSpeaker 
    • Operating system tools like Voiceover for Mac and Narrator for Windows.
  4. Transcripts, closed captions and alternate videos for accessible audio content.
  5. Adjustable fonts to improve legibility for users with reading difficulties.
  6. Miscellaneous improvements for practical usability and other accessibility needs.

For more information on how to create accessible content please see this article for general tips and this article for creating accessible math questions.

To learn how to configure the Player to display the accessibility button please see this article.

All questions types are accessible except for the below eight

  • Bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Histogram
  • Dot plot
  • Line plot
  • Number line drag & drop
  • Number line with plot
  • Highlight image 

There is not a definite roadmap date for when the accessibility of these Question Types are improved.

Here are some recommendations for using these Question Types:

Bar chart, Line chart, Histogram, Dot plot, Line plot, Number line drag & drop, Number line with plot

For these questions, if accessibility is key we recommend either:

  • Offering an alternate question that has the same learning outcome for the accessible user. 
  • Relying on the users ILP (Individual Learning Plan) where they may have someone assisting with the chart interaction 
  • Not using that question type at all for any users

Highlight image

This question is accessible for a keyboard only user, however, by its nature, is not a question type that can be made accessible for non sighted users.

This question type has been deprecated as of 2020. We advise using the new Drawing question type for the same content. Drawing will have parity in functionality.

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