Atomic Jolt

Atomic Search 5.2 Release Notes

Beta: 23rd May 2022; Production: 6th June 2022


  • Removed the "0 results" message that appeared while search results loaded — We removed the message that showed "0 results for (term)". This message would display before search results were loaded into the page. The results number will still appear once the results finish loading in.
  • Updated the account-level statistics to display calendar date — Updated the account level statistics to display data in calendar order starting with the current month.
  • Improved accessibility - We have added several enhancements to better support the use of screen-readers with Atomic Search.
    • The Type and Term dropdowns for filtering now allow you to tab between the options and hit the 'esc' key to close the dropdown. These filters have changed from checkboxes to single buttons. 
    • Components have prominent focus indicators with a black border of at least 2px, and acceptable contrast between both the component and the background.
    • All buttons and menus have menu announcements that can be read using a screen reader.
  • Remove the "Export All Searches" option from the course search menu — We have removed the menu option, "Export All Searches" from the course level. To download search results use "Export Search Results".
  • Changed admin-level word cloud language — Under the admin-level settings, we updated the language for the word cloud toggle to "Allow courses to enable word cloud".
  • Scrollbars on the course analytics page — We removed the unnecessary scrollbars on the course analytics page.

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