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Atomic Assessments 4.1 Release Notes

4.1 Beta: 23 May 2022; Prod: 6 June 2022


  • Updated styling throughout the UI — Updated the styling and size of buttons and text throughout the UI to improve contrast and readability.
  • Updated styling of the student summary screen — Updated the styling of the student summary screen. Students will be able to see all previous attempts; their scored attempt will display at the top of the summary screen.
  • Added caching to the student launch — When a student launches an assignment some of the calls to the Learnosity APIs are now cached in order to scale launches more efficiently. This should help with load time in situations where many students are launching the same assignment at the same time.
  • Upgraded to 2022.1.LTS — This release includes an update to Learnosity version 2022.1.LTS. This Learnosity update provides new features and bug fixes. More information can be found here.
  • Enabled Player Template editor — Enabled the option for admins to create and edit Player templates. Added a "+Create" button to the activity player template selection.  Templates are shared in the item bank and will be visible in all courses under the activity player template section.
  • Added the ability to allow students to hide the timer during an assignment — Students now have the ability to toggle between showing and hiding the timer while taking an assignment. To enable this feature, a button was added to the right of the timer display.
  • For paid accounts, banner added in Atomic Assessments when the item bank is still configured to the Atomic Jolt demo bank — For paid accounts, a banner is now displayed in Atomic Assessments when the account is still configured to use the Atomic Jolt demo item bank rather than your institution’s item bank.
  • Added ability to show/hide the associated passage(s) in the Responses Report — Added the ability to the Responses Report to show any associated passages above a question. The passage is hidden by default; the user can now click “Show Passage” to expand the passage(s) box.
  • Added the ability to show or hide student names in the Responses Report — Added the ability to show/hide the student names in the Responses Report. Student names are hidden by default; they can now be shown by clicking the checkbox next to the “Show Students” column header.
  • Updated language throughout the Reports for questions without question stems — In all related reports, changed the label for questions that do not have any question stems configured. This used to say “null”; it has been changed to “no question stem”. 
  • Added the ability to print individual student attempts — Added the functionality to print an individual student's attempt from the Speedgrader. To print an attempt in Speedgrader, click the triple dot menu that appears next to the attempt dropdown and select “Print Attempt”.


  • Navigating back to the first page of results in the Outcomes report did not return the correct results — Navigating back to first page of student results in the Outcomes report did not return to the first page of students even though the navigation UI updated to say the user was back on on the first page; instead, the results remained on the same page the user had previously been on.
  • Warning for correct answer was inaccurately displaying in the Items list after updating the question — The "One or more questions have warnings" error still appeared in the Items list after the error was resolved at the question level.
  • Disabling authoring in a course as an admin did not allow the admin to re-enable authoring in the course — When an admin disabled authoring at a course level the settings menu disappeared and the admin could not toggle authoring back on. The Atomic Assessments course settings menu will stay visible now for admins, regardless of the course’s authoring settings.
  • The Item Scores Report did not load in assignments that only contained features — In assignments that only contained features, the Item Scores Report failed to load and caused the screen to go blank.

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