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Atomic Assessments 4.2 Release Notes


  • LTI Advantage support - We have added LTI Advantage support for Atomic Assessments. LTI Advantage is the next generation of the LTI standard and will allow Atomic Assessments to integrate with a wider range of learning management platforms. It will also provide improved support for embedded content in the Canvas LMS. We will be rolling out LTI Advantage support to existing customers later this year.

  • Upgrade to 2022.2.LTS - This release includes an update to Learnosity version 2022.1.LTS. This Learnosity update provides new features and bug fixes. More information can be found here.

  • Add a message that displays when you try to change the publish status of a locked assignment - Assignments are considered locked and are unable to be unpublished after a student attempt has happened. We show a lock icon in the publish status for these assignments. We added a message that pops up explaining why you can’t change status for a locked assignment when you click on the lock icon.


  • The review screen would sometimes cut off labels in the highlight question type - If answer options were placed on the left side of the highlight question type then the labels for these options would sometimes be overlapped in the review screen. 

  • The ‘Status’ column in the Summary report export contained other JSON data - In the summary report export the Status column should have displayed a valid status ‘Completed’, ‘Not Started’, etc. but instead this column was displaying JSON containing other attempt information.

  • Fractional point values were not showing in the points field in the Speedgrader - Fractional point values were not showing in the points field in the Speedgrader. This was because browser widths were incorrectly displaying the inputs. Adding an explicit width fixes this.

  • Hide the new summary info from the student review screen - In the last release we added a section to the student review screen that showed summary information. We received feedback to remove this section unless the summary screen is also enabled.

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