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Atomic Assessments 4.2.8 Release Notes


Security Updates

  • Updated the OAuth gems — Updated Oauth gems to fix a known security issue.


  • Fixed Summary Report attempt status refresh — Fixed issue where student attempt statuses were not refreshing when using the Summary Report in-page refresh button.

  • Fixed Responses Report Passage display — Fixed issue in the Responses Report where an assignment that had multiple Items with a Passage feature type and additional question types would only display the Passage from the first occurring Item.

  • Fixed student Review question header link — Fixed the issue on the student’s Review page where clicking the question number brought the user to a ‘Page Not Found’ error.

  • Fixed issue with manually graded question types being reset — Fixed issue where resetting a student attempt for an assignment that contains manually-graded questions would make the scores incorrectly display in Speed Grader. With this change any manual grading of an attempt is cleared when the attempt is reset.

  • Fixed math question type validation error — Fixed the issue where student answers to certain math question types would error out if they contained an invalid formula. It now pops up an error message that can be dismissed.

  • Fixed RegEx question type issue  — Fixed the issue with regular expression short answer question types not working following the last deploy.

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