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Atomic Assessments 4.3 Release Notes

Version 4.3 | Beta: 12 December 2022; Production: 3 January 2023


  • Enhanced LTI Advantage support - Last summer, we added LTI Advantage support for Atomic Assessments. LTI Advantage is the next generation of the LTI standard. We have enhanced this support to work with Canvas and other learning management systems. Noticeable changes include the ability to install via JSON and improved support for grade passback in the LMS. We will be rolling out LTI Advantage support to existing customers in Spring 2023. If you would like to try the LTI Advantage version of Atomic Assessments, please file a support ticket for more information.

  • Atomic Assessments integration for other learning management systems - We have added the ability for Atomic Assessments to be integrated in Moodle, Brightspace, and Blackboard. Atomic Assessments uses the LTI Advantage standard in these learning management systems. If you would like to learn more about these additional LMS integrations, please file a ticket in our support portal.

  • Added the Content Manager - The content manager is a new section in the Atomic Assessments settings for managing the content within a course. We will continue to make enhancements to the content manager in future releases, including the ability to publish and sync versions of Atomic Assessments content. 

For now the content manager allows you to:

  • Manage underlying content - The content manager is the new way to access your activities, items, and tags tabs. Functionality of these tabs is the same as it was in previous releases of Atomic Assessments.

  • Versions - We have added a “Versions” tab that replaces the Import Status setting option. In the “Versions” tab, you will see a list of all imports of Atomic Assessments into the course.. Click on an import in the Import Versions section to view additional import details, including a link to the source course, imported assignments and activities, and any errors. There is also a new Course Key option which provides an alternate method to copy content between courses.. 

  • Importing assignments during a deep link - When deep linking an assignment you can now select from existing assignments as well as create a new assignment. Previously it was only possible to start with a new assignment while deep linking (although it was possible to base it on an existing activity.) The new functionality allows instructors to create assessments in the Connector and insert them later into assignments and pages. It also allows instructors to replace an assessment which had been deleted in the LMS. Deep linking is the process in which Atomic Assessments are selected from inside the LMS and is commonly used in Canvas for adding content to pages and modules.

  • Fixing broken content - In cases where the LMS links to missing Atomic Assessments content it is now possible to import the missing content directly.  Previously such links would display an error message. When launching into content that is missing, the tool now presents an interface which shows possible source courses from which to obtain the content. It will automatically list courses that the instructor has access to as well as courses which the LMS has identified as possible sources based on previous copies in the LMS. Instructors then have the choice of importing the single assignment, or importing all assignments from the source course.  In the later case, the content is added to the Connector and can be inserted into the course thought deep linking. If the desired source course is not shown, it’s also possible to use the Course Key in the Content Manager to copy from any course.

  • Improved Canvas course copy support - Canvas course copy support has been improved substantially. The tool is now more conservative at deciding to copy content when Canvas notifies it of a course copy, and will overwrite content only when the items were explicitly selected for copy. When a Canvas selective course copy is started, Atomic Assessments will copy and overwrite existing content in the destination course.  However, in situations where there was not an explicit choice made to copy certain items, we instead copy content to create new content but will not overwrite existing content. This is to prevent content from being accidentally overwritten through Canvas imports. In addition, item bank content which is unused in the source course (i.e. not associated with an assignment) is not copied during a Canvas course copy by default. If you would like this content to continue to be copied automatically, please contact us by filing a ticket in the support portal.

  • Moved the Item Bank and Reports tab to the settings menu in the assignment manager - We have removed the two tabs in the assignment manager view for Item Bank and Reports both options are accessible by clicking the triple dot menu to the right of the new assignment button. The Item Bank has been moved into the new Content Manager page and can be accessed by clicking on the content manager option. The Reports tab has been renamed to Student Reports.

  • Updated the assignment creation process - We have changed how to create assignments in the assignment manager. We have separated the options to create a new assignment and to create a new assignment based on an existing activity. You can now create assignments based on existing activities by using the dropdown button to the right of the new assignment button. Clicking on the New Assignment button will now immediately create a new assignment and prompt you for the assignment name. In both assignment creation processes you will now go directly to the items tab to begin creating or reviewing content where previously you went to the assignment settings first.

  • Removed the placeholder text in the Passage Feature - Previously, when you created a new passage for an item you had to manually delete the placeholder text in the passage body editor. The placeholder text is now removed once you click into the editor box for the passage body.

  • Upgraded to Learnosity 2022.3.LTS - This release includes an update to Learnosity version 2022.3.LTS. This Learnosity update provides new features and bug fixes. More information can be found here.


  • Completed column in the assignment manager did not update when someone was removed from the course - When a user was un-enrolled from a course, they were still included in the completed total for any assessments that they had completed at that point. This lead to inaccurate completion counts.

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