Can you install Atomic Search on lower-level org units in Brightspace?

Learn how to install Atomic Search into a specific org unit under the top-level unit.

You can install Atomic Search into any organization, course template, course offering, or department org unit in Brightspace. When you install Atomic Search into an org unit, you can add the tool to an "Org Unit and all descendants" or just a single org unit like an individual course offering. 

For optimal performance, we recommend installing Atomic Search at the Organization level or Department Org Units and adding the tool to each "Org Unit and all descendants" you choose to install into.

To change the installation location, you need to be a Super Administrator.

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools
  2. Click on External Learning Tools
  3. Find Atomic Search in the list of LTI tools and click Edit
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Atomic Search Deployment information page and click the Add Org Units button to make changes. 
    Add Org Units Button
    Figure 1: Add Org Units Button
    Org Unit Settings
    Figure 2: Org Unit Settings
  5. Add and then Save when done.