How do I use Atomic Search as an instructor (or other roles)?

Discover what instructors and other users will see as search results using Atomic Search.

Instructors can search for all published and unpublished content in the courses that they are enrolled in. Unpublished content will have a tag next to the title indicating its status. Students (and similar roles such as observers) will only see published material in their search results.

Search results showing some unpublished and some published items

Figure 1: Published vs. unpublished content in the results list

Canvas roles that have similar permissions to an instructor can search for anything an instructor can search for. Some examples are:

  • Course Designer
  • Course Director
  • TAs

These additional Canvas roles can only search as an instructor in the courses they are enrolled in as that role.

Account administrators and sub-account administrators will see search results across all courses in their account (or sub-account).