What content does Atomic Search allow you to search in Canvas?

Review the types of content you can view in Atomic Search, including pages, files, assignments, and others.

Atomic Search indexes and allows you to search for the following types of content:

  • Pages

  • Files (PDFs, MS Office format files, text files, and HTML documents)

  • Assignments

  • URLs
  • Videos (Titles)
  • External Tools (Titles)
  • Quizzes (Students cannot search for questions or answers; teachers can).

  • Modules

  • External pages

  • Announcements

  • Discussions 

  • Syllabus

Atomic Search does not currently index or show iFrame content.

Atomic Search shows results specific to the type of user searching. Students only see search results for published content, whereas teachers see search results for published and unpublished content.