When does Atomic Search update the index for a course?

Automatic indexing in Atomic Search occurs at first installation and every 10 hours for active courses.

Initial Installation

Atomic Search indexes the courses it is installed into when it is first installed. If you install it into an account that has many courses in it, the first scan of all of the courses can take multiple days. Atomic Search first indexes the active courses and then the remaining courses. After Atomic Search indexes a course the first time, it takes much less time to update the index for the course in subsequent passes. This is because it doesn’t have to request all of the content for the course.

Active Courses

Atomic Search updates the index for active courses every 10 hours. You can also manually reindex a course in Atomic Search.

Atomic Search considers a course active if:

  1. The course is published 
  2. If the course level start date is before today and its end date is after today and its start date is less than one year before today
  3. If there aren't course level dates set, we fall back to the term start and end dates
  4. If there is a start date but no end date, and the start date is less than 1 year ago

Otherwise, the course is inactive. We don't do a full reindex of inactive courses automatically after the first index. We check on inactive courses periodically to see if the dates change, or if it gets deleted. If a course is deleted we remove the content from the index.

If you are using Canvas and want to keep inactive courses up to date you will need to configure Live Events. Live Events will notify Atomic Search as soon as any content is added or updated and it will update the index as soon as a change is saved in Canvas.

Newly Created Courses

Atomic Search also runs a check every 24 hours for newly created courses. Each new course that is found during that check is then indexed. Following the initial index, if it meets the parameters of an active course, it will then be indexed every ten hours thereafter.