What Account Analytics can I view in Atomic Search as an admin?

Review Atomic Search analytics available to admins, including analytics tables and graphs, and a Search by Course view.

Atomic Search has support for account level analytics. Access the Atomic Search page in an account and click on the three dot menu in the upper right to see the menu option Account Analytics. The results are scoped to the account that you are launched in. These analytics are only available to LMS administrators.

Account- level Search Settings

Figure 1: Account analytics menu option

  • Analytics Table - Shows data for the past twelve months with the number of unique users, number of courses using Search, and the number of teacher and student searches. This table can be sorted using the arrows to the left of each column header.
  • Analytics Graphs - Three graphs at the top show the unique users, courses, and the number of searches over the last twelve months.

Account Analytics showing monthly statistics and unique users

Figure 2: Account analytics table and graphs

Click on the Searches by Course option in the upper left to open a table view of your courses. This link will take you to a table breaking down the search counts by each course name and the month. This table can be sorted by month or course name and is paginated when there are more than ten courses to display. 

To view more information on the keywords searched in each course click on the course name to launch the course in a new tab and navigate to the course-level analytics

Account and course-level analytics are updated once a day, at Midnight UTC.